We make dreams, ambition, and some really great sketchpads for fashion designers.

Welcome Designers

you’ve got the talent, and we’ve
got the tools!

Check out our new Fashion Sketchpad, produced together with publishing rock stars Chronicle Books. This pad will take your sketches to the next level—wherever you’re starting from.

Our Fashion Sketchpad is the first solution of its kind and will revolutionize fashion design. It eliminates the need for light boxes and tracing paper and streamlines sketching. The preprinted female croquis disappear on photocopying or scanning, making it much easier – and faster – to get professional-quality, proportionate designs on paper.

We believe fashion designers and students deserve tools that can improve the creative process, eliminate the need for rework, and allow for effortless fashion sketching as they establish collections and portfolios.

Our mission is to put professional quality fashion design tools in the hands of aspiring and professional designers, helping you get your creative concepts on paper efficiently. Effectively. Gorgeously.