We make dreams, ambition, and some really great sketchpads for fashion designers.

It all started with
the lack of tools for designers…

Musicians pull sheets of staff paper when they want to score a tune. Mathematicians use graph paper or number lines. Architects and interior designers have their own specialty gear as well. But fashion designers use a cumbersome mix of tracing paper, light boxes and other tools to create fashion sketches that can ultimately be transformed into chic clothing.

Typically designers use proportional figure templates – “croquis” – placed on illuminated light boxes and draw their designs overtop the croquis on tracing paper. The process of creating a final, polished sketch can be time consuming, often involving multiple drawings and layers of tracing paper. Sophisticated Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs are great for 3D renderings of designs, but fashion designers must still produce high quality illustrations and proportional sketches first. Despite the availability of illustration software, proficient hand-sketching ability is still seen as a fundamental requirement of every fashion designer and is an essential means to demonstrate creativity and fashion point of view.

In 2009 Hokey Croquis was founded by designer Tamar Daniel, who saw a need for specialty tools for her industry. The Fashionflat Sketchpad was the first of many innovative Hokey Croquis products being developed specifically for fashion design. An instant hit with amateur and professionals alike- the concept was licensed by publisher chronicle books and a new, reenergized collaboration was born.